Information Governance

Prevent data from becoming toxic by using best practices in information governance and privacy compliance

Data Governance & Data Discovery

Data Governance and Data Discovery are crucial components of an organization’s data management strategy. They serve different purposes, but together, they have several benefits that help organizations effectively manage and leverage their data assets, in addition to helping with compliance.

data governance
risk management

Privacy Compliance & Data Privacy Risk Management

We assist organizations in meeting current industry and organizational privacy goals. Our experience also helps organizations futureproof against potential legal, regulatory, and market changes driven by ongoing pressure from consumers to protect their personal and sensitive information.

Data Mapping

Data Mapping is the first step an organization takes toward developing a privacy program, and it is necessary to understand what types of data it has and the location of specific data. By performing a Data Mapping exercise, an organization can uncover the types of data, the data’s location, how the data is processed, and who has access to the data.

Public Record Requests

Governmental agencies and departments must respond to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Public Record Requests (PRR) requests within a reasonable time frame, and failure to do so can result in liability for the organization. Requests may come from various sources, including constituents, media, legal entities, and businesses, making it essential to have efficient response processes in place. With proper management of these types of requests, organizations can see a reduction in spend and effort in responding to these requests.

data security

Data Security

Install proper data governance principles to mitigate data security incident risks.

reduce spend

Reduce Spend

Prevent over collection of personal information to drastically reduce legal spend.

quick response

Quick Response

Respond promptly and effectively by installing appropriate Public Records Requests workflows.

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