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Data Mapping

Data Mapping is the first step an organization takes toward developing a privacy program, and it is necessary to understand what types of data it has and the location of specific data.

Data Mapping

This information determines an organization’s risk profile and the appropriate data policy.

Once a Data Mapping exercise is complete, an organization will know how it collects data, if personal or sensitive information is included, and where specific data usage risk exists. There are several aspects of a proper Data Mapping exercise, which include:

  • Data Inventory to identify data points and collection
  • Data Classification to identify Personal or Sensitive Information
  • Data Work Flow Map to identify usage risk and where data sits in the data cycle

These aspects paint the picture of an organization’s data stance and suggest appropriate measures to identify specific risks or utilize information from a Data Mapping exercise for other business purposes, such as business intelligence and analytics.

Our Approach

Depending on the organization and industry, we perform hands-on Data Mapping exercises through surveys, consultancy, and specific tools to handle Data Inventory, Data Classification, and a Data Work Flow Map. With Trustpoint.One’s team of data experts, we handle unique matters along with a holistic approach.

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