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Public Record Requests

Governmental agencies and departments must respond to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Public Record Requests (PRR) requests within a reasonable time frame, and failure to do so can result in liability for the organization.

Public Record Requests

Managing the increasing volume and variety of data sources can strain staff and system resources. Therefore, it is crucial to balance the risk and value of data for the organization. An effective FOIA and PRR response plan is critical for government agencies and departments. Organizations can streamline the response process, reduce liability, and promote transparency and accountability by considering key factors such as request lifecycle management, legal mandates, communication and validation, and automation.

Government Agencies

Government agencies and departments face several significant challenges in responding to Public Record requests, including:

  • Clarification and Communication – Many requests are broad in scope and need additional clarification.
  • Wrong Agency – Requests are communicated to the wrong agency and require additional clarification and time resources to direct the request to the correct agency.
  • Consistency and Accuracy – Due to the nature of some requests, many are handled ad-hoc without a consistent process, leading to more time and headaches in responding to the request.
  • Bulk Data Requests – An increasing number of requests are received in bulk.
  • Handling of Legacy Documents – Old documents may be stored in many places, leading to more resources used to handle the request.
  • Time – Many requests require a lot of time to respond.


Centralized Request

By utilizing a centralized request and processing system, a government agency or department may handle Public Record Requests more efficiently and effectively, especially when dealing with a significant volume. This includes automation, efficiency, tracking and monitoring, document management, consistency, and scalability. Along with software, government agencies and departments use consultants for their expertise, process improvement, resource management, custom solutions, and strategic planning with Public Record Requests.
centralized request
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Our Approach

Trustpoint.One uses vetted software alongside our team of experts to facilitate government agencies and departments in handling Public Record Requests more efficiently and effectively, ultimately saving costs and ensuring compliance. Let us help you make those significant challenges of a Public Record Request much easier to handle.

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